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The Pros of Tableau vs. Excel Pt. I


  1. Rapid Visualizations

Tableau is truly a best in class visualization tool.  Once the basics of building a chart/graph is understood this process is fairly quick.  This feature is particularly helpful if a user would like to test different ways to present data.  In this area Tableau clearly has the advantage over Excel.  In Excel a table is typically constructed first before the right visualization can be selected.  In Tableau the process is a bit more streamlined and direct.


  1. Enables Higher Dynamic Integrity

I’ve built quite a few interactive dashboards in Excel using various techniques.  Some are more favorable than others.  One of the primary errors with building an interactive dashboard in Excel is mis-constructing  a formula.  Logic errors in formulas will lead to bad dynamic integrity and improper results.  This issue can be circumvented with tools like Pivot Tables.  However, in general the integrity built-in to Tableau is a plus.


  1. Distribution and Sharing

Analysis can be shared by distributing a Tableau file to other Tableau software holders.  The other option is to save the viz on a server to be accessed through a browser.  The ability to have a large population interact with the viz simply a browser is what makes Tableau so powerful.


  1. The Community

One of the great things about Tableau is the user community.  The users of this tool are engaged in sharing best practices and sample visualizations.  I have yet to see a forum as robust, engaging and visually engaging as Tableau public.


In my next blog I’ll share my concerns with Tableau compared to Excel.

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