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The New Age of PDF Conversion – PDFConverter Elite 4

Sometime ago a colleague had asked me how to convert PDF documents (Portable Document Format) into Excel. At the time I mentioned a software that could get the job done before I learned about PDF Converter Elite 4. Every PDF related software can convert Excel, Word and PowerPoint to a PDF document but few can do the reverse well. When I tested PDF Converter Elite I specifically looked for this feature.  I found the steps and final result to be better than other tools. Below is a brief step by step on how to use this specific conversion feature in the tool.


PDFConverter Elite

  1. Open the PDF file to be converted
  2. Next click on the conversion type (i.e. PDF to Excel)
  3. Once the file is open you several options to select from.
    1. Select Area
    2. Select All Pages
    3. Page Range

The last two options are a tremendous time saver. Other software’s are restricted to the manually option. Personally, I always find myself scrolling up and down trying to pinpoint the exact spot to stop in other tools. This detail in PDFConverter is a refreshing option.

4. Next click on the Convert button

PDFConverter Elite Final Resutl

PDFConverter Elite Final Result

5. The final result is a listing in Excel of the data and descriptions which appeared in  the PDF document.

It is important to mention that some of the advanced options. Many of these options are unique to PDF Converter. One of the unique options is the ability to edit the table to be exported to Excel before it gets there. Users can edit header, footer, columns and rows before transporting to Excel.   These additional features can save time for Excel users later on.

Learn more about the other features of this tool on PDFConverter.com .


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