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5:30am , Spain & Vlookup

Up at 5:30am today I was on a phone call with a small business in Spain (a six hour time difference).  They requested a price quote on automating some internal processes using Excel.  One item which came up was the usage of unique identifiers in functions like Vlookup. This function uses a “key” to match and pull values from different worksheets.  I explained to the potential client that using names as the key would not be ideal for this function as there maybe multiple John Smith’s or John Adams’.  A more thorough approach would be using an identifier like an id number.  The client proceeded to explain that in Spain names are very unique.  A name is a composite of first name, Mother’s last name, Father’s last name and in some cases Grandmother’s last name.  These combinations produced a truly unique name which could be used as a “key”.  In this country using a name as a key may pass the test.

You’ve heard the saying “when in Rome”, well “when in Spain.”

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