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  • Harnessing the Power of Big Data for Small Business Using Microsoft Excel
  • Big Data and Excel? Combining those two terms sounds odd at first glance but it is an overlooked area by many small businesses. Big Data is a term used to define the abundance of data available internally within an organization or externally in the cloud.
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  • 7 Things Every Employee Should Know Before Saying Proficient In Microsoft Excel
  • Sometime ago my two sons ages 3 and 2, completed their English lesson focused on the first steps to reading and learning phonetic sounds. In previous lessons, they learned about letters and the phonetic sounds that these letters make.
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  • 7 Reasons Every Business Needs an Excel Financial Model
  • Sophocles a Greek poet once said “quick decisions are unsafe decisions.” Very often in businesses the same behaviour is replicated. Quick decisions trump decisions based on data and analysis.
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  • 10 Myths About Microsoft Excel
  • A myth is defined as an imaginary and false belief. To put it in another way, the truth is not defined by consensus. Myths are prevalent in our lives; they should be acknowledged and corrected with sober judgment.
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  • 4 Reasons Why Microsoft Excel is Your Greatest Company Asset
  • A sample of job openings across industries revealed that 10% required a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel. This is quite a staggering figure given the fact that it includes a wide range of industries and job functions.
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  • 5 Reasons Businesses Fail and How Excel Can Help
  • A few years ago when the entrepreneurship bug bit me, I took a few small business start-up workshops offered by my Graduate school. During one of the seminars, the speaker asked the audience to list the biggest risks associated with a business.
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  • 8 Reasons Excel is Better Than "Off-The-Shelf" Accounting Software
  • According to various sources one of the major competitors for business accounting softwares is Microsoft Excel. The reason for that is two-fold: Excel is widely available and can be easily manipulated to perform recordkeeping and analysis. According to IRS publication 583, “Except in a few cases, the law does not require any specific kind of records.”
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  • 5 Ways Excel Can Help Your Business Make Money
  • I was told of a time when car seats were not required for cars, minimum wage was less than $2 per hour, and leaving your front door open was not an accident but a common practice. Many things have changed over the years. However, one thing remains true in business: how can resources be maximized to produce more profit? An overlooked area is the usage of Microsoft Excel to pinpoint areas for business growth.
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  • Paper! The Arch Nemesis of Automation: 3 Steps to Automation
  • When I walk into an office with mounds of paper I literally cringe at the sight. I think of clutter, the time needed to file, not to mention pesky paper cuts. Overall I think of disorganization, how can critical items be found when they are needed.
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  • 4 Reasons your Excel reports may be wrong
  • The business landscape is changing and it’s changing fast. Ultimately, senior leadership relies upon timely reports from staff to make the critical decisions needed for growth and survival.
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  • 17 Common Spreadsheet Mistakes
  • My Father used to tell me a knife in the hand of a murderer leads to death but a knife in the hand of a surgeon leads to life. Excel is like that knife. Ok, ok this may be a far stretch (I hope) but in both instances the same tool can lead to different outcomes.
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  • The Hidden Gems in Microsoft Excel
  • There is a treasure trove sitting on your desktop. While this statement may invoke images from a bygone era of maritime plundering, it alludes to the vast amount of untouched value housed within the typical users Microsoft Excel. Excel contains over 300 functions and countless tools.
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