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What we Do

  • We help organizations become more productive by implementing tools, functions and techniques available in Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel contains over 300 functions and a poll revealed that the average user practices less than 1% of those tools. We can help minimize that gap to increase productivity through workshops, designing custom Visual Basic Application (VBA) programs and creating financial models.
  • Consulting
  • Stakeholder Feedback
  • Our first step in any project is to listen.  We listen to your concerns, goals and challenges.  Rather than forcing an implementation upon you we make sure the solution is customized and meets your organizations specific needs.  A truly customized solution can only occur if we are educated on the unique way your business operates.  The following represents the interrelated areas of our approach.
  • Assessment
  • The second tier of our approach is to perform a review.  We examine the processes and mechanism executed by each employee for routine day to day tasks.  Through interviews and observations we pinpoint tasks which can benefit from tools and techniques inherent in Microsoft Excel.
  • Solution Generation
  • We take the data collected from stakeholder feedback and assessment and compare it to best practices.  We then document potential solutions and develop a return on investment analysis on the various solutions.
  • Implementation
  • After a custom solution has been crafted we assist with implementation through training session and\or preparing detailed instruction manual.
  • Microsoft Excel is a dynamic environment which holds countless productivity increasing features.


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    • Major Topics:
    • Building Blocks: Fundamentals of Microsoft Excel
    • Advanced Tools & Techniques: Formulas & Pivot Tables etc.
    • Saving Time and Improving Efficiency: Automating Excel and Microsoft applications with Visual Basic Application (VBA)
    • Look Before You Leap: Building Financial Models in Excel


    • We build programs using the Visual Basics Application (VBA) language to solve your specific needs. Based on the knowledge gathered from assessments and client feedback, programs are developed to save you and your staff time and money.
    • Below is a brief sample of a few of our recent projects:
    • 1. Generate annual reports with summary charts for 50+ departments

      2. Sending batch emails based on variables in Microsoft Excel

      3. Automatically download data from internet


    • Finances are an important part of any company. In order to make proper decisions effective and nimble tools are necessary. We help you build abstract representations of financial matters. Modeling areas include financial assets and portfolios to name a few.

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