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Multiple Worksheet View

When working with large Excel workbooks containing numerous worksheets moving back and forth to each tab can be cumbersome. This can be especially irritating when auditing links or verifying support data. Using Excel’s “New Window” feature gives users the ability to view multiple tabs of the active workbook.

1. Click on the View tab on the Office Ribbon

2. Click New Window

3. A new window has been created notice the file name has been augmented with the suffix “:2”. This denotes we are looking at the second window. Now what about the 1st window?

4. Click on “Arrange All” button under the “View” Ribbon

5. In the Pop up window choose the display style that you wish. This will layout all windows for the current workbook (and any other workbooks open). For this example lets click “Vertical”

6. Now we are viewing the same workbook but through two different “windows” or “portals”. Notice the suffix “:1” and “:2”.

7. Now let’s click on the tab titled “Backup” in window 1. Now we are viewing two different tabs in the same workbook at the same time.

Utilizing this feature to view multiple windows can save time, minimize frustration and improve the quality of a spreadsheet.


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