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Gettig error messages such as #DIV/0! and #Value are common occurences when using Excel. These messages usually send signals that something may need to be adjusted in Excel. However, many times these error messages are minor concerns. The IFerror fuction is a tool which can be used to remove the display of error messages in specified situations. In the example below we receive a division error because no value is entered in 2011 for the Max Pro. IT company. The IFerror function can help us get around this.

1. Here we receive a #DIV/0! error because a number is being divided by a blank cell

2. Here we enter the IFerror function.

a. The first element is the computation desired

b. The second element represents what you would like to do if an error arises

This function is a great tool to quickly remove expected errors from your spreadsheet.


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