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The group tool is a feature that connects a collection rows or columns together. This range can be collapsed or expanded quickly as needed. Below we have a spreadsheet showing the budget template for a given company. The template display the detail for each expense group (Personnel Expenses vs. Non-Personnel Expenses) What if we only wanted to see the total personnel and non-personnel expenses without losing the detail. We can do this very quickly using the group feature.

1. Highligh the rows you wish to group (ex. Rows 3-5)

2. Click on the group button under the data menu

3. Notice collapse\expand buttons have been added for the highlighted rows (Minus sign & number one collapses the area, while plus sign & number two expands the area)

4. Next highlight the next set of rows (ex. Rows 8-19)

5. Click on the group button

6. A button have been added for the second area

7. Click on the number one to collapse both areas.

8. The detail has been hidden but not lost. Clicking on the number two will expand the collapsed areas.


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