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Fast Filter

The filter in Excel is a great tool to identify specific values in a list. While this technique is fairly simple for one or two items, it gets cumbersome when you need to filter for 25 or 50. Excel has a quick way to do that. It’s called Advanced Filter but I like to call it Fast Filter. The following are few brief steps to show you how to use it.

1. This is a table containing the number of establishments in the United States by North American Industry Classification (NAICS) Code.

2. Here is short list of the codes which I need to be filter on.

3. Under the Data tab click Advanced Filter

4. Select the range of the table

5. Select your criteria range. Note: Your criteria range must contain a header which appears in your list range.

6. Click Ok

7. Voila! A massive table filtered with the list of criteria’s selected.

On additional item to mention about the advanced filter is that it works best with text. If you need to apply this technique to numbers format them as text.


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