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Chances are you may have never heard of the DSUM formula. This formula can be used as a substitute for SUMIF and summation component of a pivot table. The DSUM formula is part of a suite of functions built to query a database. DSUM is short for Database Sum. Below are steps detailing the formula usage.

1. Here we have a dataset containing sales by state & region, lets use DSUM to total

2. Create a table which mimics the headers in the original dataset

a. State

b. Total

3. Add the query criteria (ex. Iowa)

Note: Iowa represents one of the descriptions in this data set.

4. The formula is = DSUM(database, field, criteria)

a. Database: The table being used to retrieve information.

b. Field: label of column or column position

c. Criteria: The item to be searched including the column label

5. Using the DSUM formula we have arrived at a total of $9,199


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