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Microsoft Excel has countless shortcuts and time saving features. One very useful time saving feature is is the Autofill feature. Think of autofill as the helpful spouse that finishes your sentences or the GPS (Global Positioning System) that outlines your route to a destination. Autofill continues a pattern into adjacent cells.

1. Above we have a blank sales forecast sheet that we would like to enumerate

2. In this example the number 1 has been added to cell A6

3. The key to the auto fill is the bottom right corner of the activecell. Notice the enlarged corner region. Double click on this area with your mouse.

4. Very quickly the rows below A6 have been automatically populated with numbers following the number 1.

5. An auto fill Icon is been displayed after its use. Click on the auto fill Options

6. Additional options have been revealed

a. Copy Cells – Replicate the content and format of the activecell.

b. Fill Series – Continue with the same numerical pattern.

c. Fill Formatting Only – Only carry formats

d. Fill Without Formatting – Carry contents without formatting.

7. Another way to access the auto fill tool is through the Home Ribbon.

a. Click Home.

b. Click auto fill

8. Clicking on Series will supply you with more robust fill options.

9. Detailed auto fill options


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