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Press Releases

  • 10.1.14 Press Release: Excellent Ones Consulting Brings Continuing Education Credit Classes to (Literally) Busy Accountants and Finance Professionals
  • In response to the increasingly busy life of Accountants and Finance professionals many organizations have opted for online continuing education.
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  • 10.16.13 Press Release: Government Shutdown Ends, Now Small Businesses Can Learn to Power Up On Oct. 21st at the Brooklyn Public Library
  • The Government shutdown has brought to light the fragility of many small businesses. Many organizations were at a standstill due to pending SBA loans or postponed federal contracts.
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  • 3.31.13 Press Release: Brooklyn Public Library and Excellent Ones Consulting LLC. Partner to Bring First Free Advanced Excel Workshop in new Info Commons Area
  • A free hands-on advanced Microsoft Excel workshop titled “Excel@Work:The Power of Pivot Tables” will be hosted by Brooklyn Public Library.
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  • 12.20.12 Press Release: Entrepreneur Community Gives Gift of “Big Data” to Small Business Owners at Upcoming Event
  • An event titled “Harnessing the Power of Big Data for SmallBusiness Using Microsoft Excel”, hosted by eFactor, will serve as an introduction for small business owners to “Big Data”. With the explosion
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  • 8.8.12 Press Release: Excellent Ones Consulting partners with Ultra Light Startups to Help Startups Discover Market Size
  • On Aug. 9th Ultra Light Startups will host its monthly “Investor Feedback Forum”. During this event over 100 startups gather to hear the expert advice of Venture Capitalists directed toward 8 pitching startups.
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  • 7.12.12 Press Release: In The Midst of Economic Uncertainty, a Company Holds Seminar, Teaching Professionals How to Get Jobs, Promotions and Salary Increases Using Microsoft Excel
  • Excellent Ones Consulting has launched a monthly seminar series aimed at helping professionals to get promotions and salary increases using the tools at their disposal. The first seminar in the "Excelling@Work series” is titled, "3 Ways Excel Can Help You Get a Job or Promotion" will be delivered on August 16th, 2012 between 5:30pm - 6:30pm at St. Francis College, 180 Remsen Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11201.
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  • 5.17.12 Press Release: $2.5 Billion JP Morgan Chase Loss: 5 Lessons Learned On Risk for Small Businesses and How Excel Can Manage It
  • The recent debacle brought on by speculative investments of key staff at JP Morgan Chase has brought to center stage the risks taken daily by businesses. Small businesses are not different in making many assumptions on market and having the ability to turn a profit during startup and operational stages.
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  • 4.2.12 Press Release: White Paper Reveals Benefits of Microsoft Excel Over Accounting Software For Small Business
  • Have you ever seen someone walk down the street with shoes on his\her hands and gloves on his\her feet. It’s strange and it just doesn't fit. But, many business owners are doing that by using pre-packaged Accounting software.
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  • 4.2.12 Press Release: 49% of Brooklyn Restaurants Are Economically Impacted by NYC Sanitary Inspection Grades
  • An analysis of data from the New York City Department of Health by Excellent Ones Consulting LLC revealed that 49% of Brooklyn restaurants received a sanitary inspection grade lower than A. Many people refuse to eat at restaurants with sanitary inspection grades less than stellar.
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  • 2.12.12 Press Release: Study Finds Brooklyn Will Need 13 Additional Nursing Homes by 2025
  • Brooklyn currently has 42 nursing homes with the ability to serve 10,000 seniors. Based on senior citizen growth estimates the borough will need an additional 13 nursing homes with the ability to serve 4,000 seniors by 2025.
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  • 11.11.11 Press Release: 5 Ways Excel Can Help Businesses Make Money This Holiday Season
  • Small Businesses are consistently trumpeted as the backbone and economic engine of the economy. However, many small businesses lack the information needed to capitalize on opportunities to grow. A white paper titled, "5 Ways Excel Can Help Business Make Money" aims to educate small businesses on how this common tool can be used to attain exponential growth.
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  • 9.1.11 Press Release: “90% of Audited Spreadsheets Contain Substantial Errors 1 , 4 Reasons Why?”
  • Many Excel spreadsheets contain substantial errors. The decisions of many organizations are built upon the results of these reports. A new white paper titled “4 Reasons Your Excel Reports May Be Wrong” is dedicated to explore the root causes of erroneous reports.
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  • 6.8.11 Press Release: “17 Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Mistakes to Avoid White Paper Published by Excellent Ones Consulting”
  • Depending on your source it can take the average employee between 3 and 12 months to “get up to speed” on job functions. How can we shrink this learning curve to help employees be more productive right away? One way is to document common pitfalls for which the new or seasoned professional needs to avoid.
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  • 4.11.11 Press Release: “Brooklyn Based Startup Helps Companies Save Time By Employing Unknown Tools & Functions in Microsoft Excel”
  • Far too often office tasks are executed in an inefficient manner. Various office tasks such as generating monthly reports, manipulating large data sets to sending bulk emails can be done with minimal labor. A Brooklyn based start-up has set out to help employees handle various office tasks efficiently and quickly through the use of Microsoft Excel.
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