Monthly Archives: September 2013

Microsoft Excel In Higher Education

I recently attended a NACUBO conference in Georgia discussing various topics around planning and budgeting.  One of the sessions which I found particularly interesting was called Strategic Budgeting and Financial Forecasting.  During this session an Excel based tool created by Public Financial Management (PFM) was demonstrated.  This dynamic tool gave those involved in planning the ability to project profit and loss statements years in advanced.  A tool such as this  helps the administration plug possible gaps and capitalize on surpluses.  This same concept and tool is what we bring to small business owners.  The power of Excel to organize data and its interrelationships in one place to give a picture of how an organization works.  This is referred to as a financial model.  This tool is then used to support decisions and test different scenarios.  How are you using Excel in your organization?  Does it help you make business decisions?